[TOKYO, JAPAN – August 26, 2021] Starting today, AIDIS Inc.’s popular RPG Last Cloudia is hosting Granzeila Descent, a collaboration with the action RPG NieR:Automata from Square Enix Co. Ltd. NieR:Automata is a both a modern classic and smash hit, having sold over 6 million units worldwide since its release in 2017 (as of June 22, 2021). In this collaboration, familiar elements from NieR:Automata are reimagined through the lens of Last Cloudia, making it a must-see for fans of both titles.

Players who take part can get a free copy of unit 9S in Last Cloudia, as well as the arks Emil Shop and Emil Head. The unit 2B and LR ark A Beautiful Songstress are also available in a gacha from the time of release; and these will be joined by the unit A2 and LR ark Machine Lifeform on September 2, 2021 after maintenance.

Characters and Arks Available at Release

 In Last Cloudia, 2B (voiced by Kira Buckland) is a nimble, no-attribute attacker who darts across the battlefield. Her skill kit includes excellent offensive and defensive capabilities: with the Type B skill, she can evade attacks and deals more physical attack damage as her combo hit count increases; and with the Support Unit: Pod 042, she regularly receives a variety of support effects. In addition, her unique skill Enhancement: Perfect Evade boosts her attack power and recovers SCT when she avoids a physical attack. Her other unique skill Equipment: Heavy Armor gives her continuous buffs. As you can see, she's well equipped to handle any situation.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Songstress ark provides both physical and magical support: it includes an attribute and learnable skills that debuff the enemy and boost damage for physical attacks, magical attacks, and Specials. Its ark attributes inflict a STR debuff at battle start and increases attack damage (physical, magical, and Special) against enemies with a debuff. Its learnable skills include Steely Intent, which reduces damage from enemies when the unit equipping it is on ground, Stained Decorations, which gives basic status ailments to all enemies, and Song of Destruction, which at the start of battle gives an enemy a debuff that will damage other enemies nearby.

The unit 2B and the LR ark A Beautiful Songstress will be on rate-up in the NieR:Automata Pick-Up Gacha from September 2 after maintenance until September 15, 2021, 11:59 pm (PT). There will also be a collaboration step-up gacha that guarantees players can get unit 2B on step 5 of lap 3.

9S (voiced by Kyle McCarley), the unit available just for clearing a quest, is a Dark attribute debuffer that weakens the enemy and gives your party the advantage in battle. His wealth of debuffing skills include the unique Scanning: Interference, which lowers the enemy's attack power every time a skill is used, Scanning: Jamming, which lowers enemy stats, and his Special, Attack: Hacking, which inflicts a variety of status debuffs. This excellent unit has traits that go beyond just obstructing the enemy. His first trait, S-Model, makes it easier build his Special gauge and provide backup to allies, while his second trait, Support Unit: Pod 153, provides support effects different from those of 2B.

Quests in Granzelia Descent

The event Granzelia Descent features a variety of quests, including time trials that make use of Last Cloudia’s new 3-party battle feature. As well as recreating the boss battle 2B and the others had with Simone, there is also a special fishing event to enjoy. Players can get units and arks, as well as 11 pieces of collab equipment and a ton of gacha tickets. Be sure to play the whole event, which runs through September 15, 2021, 11:59 pm (PT). *Fishing will be added on Sept. 2, and the time trial quest on Sept. 9.

Collab Arks Available for Playing the Event

Emi Shop is a unique ark that resupplies Restoratives and Enhancement items, which power-up and heal the unit. This ark’s Ark Attributes give Enhancements a greater chance to become usable again, occasionally restores HP, and gives a permanent speed boost with Auto Speed. The ark’s learnable traits include High-speed Shopkeep, which gives the unit a speed boost until it takes damage, as well as the enhancements and restoratives mentioned above. Details of those follow for stats-minded players:

Enhancement: Skill Salve (S) increases a unit's SCT recovery speed by +100% for 15 seconds, Enhancement: Melee Defense Up (S) reduces damage taken by -50% for 15 seconds, and Restorative: Cure All + Heal All very greatly restores HP and recovers Poison/ Blind/ Silence/ Curse/ Illness/ Stun.

The unique ark Emil Head offers unique learnable skills and quirky Curse-themed attributes! When battle starts, the ark inflicts the unit with Curse and boosts DEF/MND while the equipping unit has a status ailment. In addition, regular attacks have a low chance to inflict Curse on enemies. This ark also enables a unit to learn unique collab skills such as Quick Getaway, which boosts a unit's movement speed when it's close to death, and Uncanny Smile, which grants Machine type to the unit and boosts DEF.

Collab Equipment and Stamps Available When You Clear the Event

Play the event to get a variety of collab equipment, multiplayer stamps, and various other fantastic rewards!

NieR:Automata Login Bonus Part 1
During the NieR:Automata Login Bonus Part 1, you can get Collab Tickets a total of 1300 crystals. Just login daily to receive these amazing rewards! The login bonus runs through September 1, 2021, 11:59 am (PT)

NieR:Automata Collab Challenge

The Collab Challenge consists of 9 simple missions displayed on the Home screen. Completing the challenge will reward you with the equipment Virtuous Contract. Even beginners can complete these missions, so you can get rewards while getting used to the game! This feature is available from the event’s launch until September 15, 2021, 11:59 pm (PT).

Collab Giveaway 1

Celebrate the collab with action RPG NieR:Automata, and you could win one of ten $25 USD Google Play or App Store gift codes! To enter, follow Last Cloudia's official Twitter or Facebook page, then Retweet or share the promo post. This promotion runs from the event’s release September 1, 7:59 am (PT), and winners will be contacted in early October 2021. More details are available on the official website:


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