Thanks to generous backers, The Garden Path will also now feature local multiplayer!

Bristol, UK, 20 August 2021 — Following a month-long campaign, solo-developer Louis Durrant AKA carrotcake’s Kickstarter for The Garden Path has concluded with huge success. Thanks to the enormously generous pledges from 1097 backers, the game is now able to be developed more in line with Durrant’s full, original vision. That’s not all though, The Garden Path will now feature local multiplayer so gardeners can revel in the joys of the garden together, and the slice-of-life sim will also now be launching on Nintendo Switch as well as PC and Linux! Here’s the beautiful debut trailer for you:
The initial funding goal of £20,000 / $27,242 (all USD totals are approximate)  was met after 24 days of the campaign, and was followed by the announcement of the Nintendo Switch and local multiplayer stretch goals at £25,000 / $34,041 and £30,000 / $40,849 respectively. Both stretch goals were much requested by the small but passionate community, and were emphatically funded during the remaining six days of the campaign. In total, 1097 backers from The Garden Path’s wonderful community pledged £30,474 / $41,483 to reach an extraordinary 152% funding.
Louis Durrant AKA carrotcake would like to express their deepest thanks to every single person who backed the game on Kickstarter, and all who have joined The Garden Path’s community.
If you haven’t heard, The Garden Path is a slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening, and the small pleasures that follow. Whether you’re fishing, growing, trading or just hanging with new friends, a wonderful and wistful adventure awaits when wandering The Garden Path. Coming to PC, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. Wishlist today on Steam:
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