Seoul – Aug. 20, 2021 – Action Square is giving a much anticipated first look at its next action-filled multiplayer online game – based on the popular Netflix series “Kingdom.” Today Action Square dropped the first video and illustrations for KINGDOM: The Blood, created for K-zombie fans all over the world.    
The trailer can be seen and downloaded here.
The illustrations can be seen and downloaded here.
KINGDOM: The Blood is staying true to the Netflix series with a massive global audience, reminiscing the series’ central theme of “inheriting the royal bloodline.” This drove the plot and was a main factor in the zombies going rampant.
KINGDOM: The Blood will be available cross-platform on both PC and mobile. Built on the Unreal Engine 4, the third-person action RPG will recreate the world of the original drama with high-quality 3D graphics. The characteristics and fierce battles of the zombies in “Kingdom” will be made into a high-end action game by using motion capture. Also, KINGDOM: The Blood will be a manual control-based action RPG adding visceral gameplay throughout each stage of the game.    
Action Square teamed up with production studio AStory to develop a game using the Netflix    “Kingdom” series. Development began last year.    
“Kingdom,” which was first released in 2019, quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular series around the world with its unique setting as a mystery thriller during the Joseon era, combined with renowned screenwriter Kim Eun-hee’s tense story plot and fast pace.
Further details on Kingdom: The Blood, including the release date, will be revealed in future announcements.

About Action Square
Action Square is a game developer that established itself as an expert of action games in the mobile game market after the success of “Blade for Kakao” that was the first mobile game to win the Korea Game Award and releasing “Blade Three Kingdom” and “Blade2 for Kakao.” Last August, it announced the development of PC/Console action shooting game ANVIL and is continuing with new projects like “Kingdom: The Blood” that uses Netflix original IP.


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