Returning players gain extra rewards for 14 days

Tokyo, Japan – August 18th, 2021 – Today My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has received a new update adding a fan favorite hero All Might in an all new campaign. All Might’s return brings with it an all new special skin for the beloved character.

In addition to the return of All Might, the devs have also prepared a series of return events for old players who have been away from the game for a while. Anyone who has not logged into the game for 15 days will receive some rewards upon logging in again. These can include: Hero Coins, Candy Pile, Recruit Tickets, and R&D Tickets. Upon returning, players will receive goodies each day they login for the next 14 days.

If players login every day for 7 days, additional daily sign-in rewards will be issued. The more active a returning player is, the bigger their rewards will be. A special mission has been designed for returning players who meet the 7-day login requirement, offering special rewards upon completion. Pro-tip: Asui Tsuyu fans will want to embark on this return mission, as a lot of the rewards are focused on Asui Tsuya.

Even those who aren’t fans of Asui Tsuya will be pleased to know that there are other rewards for returning players. For example, players can gain an extra 50% of experience if they pass certain instances. Also, there are top-up bonuses, EXP buffs, and discounts on stamina that can help returned agents to catch up.

Mina Ashido is also joining the game with the new Battle Pass and more exciting rewards and new content are on the way. Keep calm and hero on!



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