– New Legendary Guardians ‘Fallen Violet’ and ‘Pitona’ joins the league
– New summer maps updated for the Competitive and Co-op modes, and the Competitive Mode gets biweekly map rotation
– Check out the Summer Shop Event until September 9 to claim various in-game items

Seoul, South Korea – August 12, 2021 – LINE Games Corporation announced that its Multiplayer Tower Defense Guardian Chronicle, developed by PixelCruise and published by LINE Games, has carried out a new season update.
The update presents two new Legendary Guardians ‘Fallen Violet’ and ‘Pitona’. ‘Fallen Violet’ increases the DPS and attack speed of nearby Guardians, while ‘Pitona’ will periodically throw chakrams to give damage to incoming monsters.
Two new summer skins ‘Summer Vacation Fallen Violet’ and ‘Summer Vacation Garuda’ have also been added and applying each skin will change the appearance of the matching Guardian and at the same time increase its ability as well.
With the new season, the game’s two modes got all-new summer maps: ‘Beach Volleyball Field’ for the ‘Competitive Mode’ and ‘Fun Sandy Beach’ for the ‘Co-op Mode’. The ‘Competitive Mode’ will rotate the new summer map and its previous ‘Tenok’s Secret Workshop’ on a biweekly basis.
Also, new Guild ranking and tier system for rank-based rewards and daily mission system have been applied. Legendary Master ‘Minnus’, and Guardians like ‘Melind’ and ‘Burning Golem’ have been rebalanced for more strategic play.
Celebrating the season update, Guardian Chronicle will hold Summer Shop Event until September 9, in which players can trade their Coins earned by playing at the Event Shop for various in-game items.
For more information on Guardian Chronicle including its ongoing events, visit its official website and YouTube channel.

Guardian Chronicle
DevelopmentPixel CruiseServiceLINE Games Corporation
GenreMultiplayer Tower DefenseLaunch History2021.03.25 Global Launch


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