This fast-paced cel-shaded FPS is set during the turn of the millennium.

[London] 4 August 2021 – RICO London is launching in Europe on Thursday 2 September. Developed by Ground Shatter and published by Numskull Games, this fast-paced first-person shooter will be available digitally on Xbox and Steam stores, as well as both physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The official Steam page for RICO London has now been unveiled for wishlisting.

Check out the gameplay trailer here:

An ode to retro arcade games with cartoon-style bullets and explosions, this cel-shaded buddy cop shooter finds you tackling the notorious and violent gangs of London as D.I. Redfern and her partner Ahmad Khan. Blast your way through a high-rise building to wipe out the capital’s impending criminal threat during the turn of the millennium in downtown London.

RICO London offers the option to play either solo or co-op mode. The latter includes online and local, as well as table-top mode for Switch users looking to play together offline. Kick down doors to breach and clear rooms – using slo-mo to win encounters – and work together to calmly defuse bombs and tackle intense hostage situations.

With a key focus on replayability, RICO London features procedurally generated levels meaning no two playthroughs are the same and each attempt offers the opportunity to mix up tactics and decisions to progress.

In addition to the improved campaign with its in-depth story mode and stellar voice acting, RICO London’s Daily Play gamemode brings a fresh challenge to take on everyday. Compete against the world to settle a highscore with a fixed set of weapons, perks and enemies issued to all players.

Keeping things old-skool with the playability, no auto health regeneration means medkits are crucial to replenish health - bear that in mind before choosing Easy (no permadeath) or Normal (permadeath and friendly fire).

At the end of every gun blazing level, you are awarded medals that can be used as currency between stages in the upgrade menu. These are used to purchase new supplies such as med kits, numerous weapons inspired by action movies - like the Lockstock sawn-off shotgun, Golden Eye 1911 sidearm, or Yippee-ki-yay SMG - and permanent upgrades that reduce weapon recoil and restore health.


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