Prepare to enter a hidden world of gods and spirits, launching globally on August 19th

August 8th, 2021 - Agate is proud to announce that pre-registration is now open for Code Atma, their upcoming narrative-driven mobile RPG. Launching on August 19th, Code Atma plunges players into a world of modern-day gods, demons and spirits, and a secret war for the future of humankind. Become a Seeker and join the Asterisk organization, use the Code Atma app to see, summon and command powerful creatures from beyond, and subdue threats to the mortal world.

Featuring deep visual novel-style storytelling and strategic real-time RPG combat, players will assemble their personal force of Atma and deploy them against invading foes entering the mortal world through magical rifts. As players investigate the mystery of the widening rifts, and the flood of souls entering our world, they’ll meet a colorful cast of modern-day spiritualists and mystical warriors, work together to unravel the secrets of the Atma and save the world from the coming calamity.


Players can answer The Calling today and pre-register now to receive a variety of in-game rewards at launch. Available now to all pre-registered players is a starter bundle containing the Pocong Atma, and the resources required to ascend it to level 60:

  • Pocong Atma (4-star) with alternate skin
  • 454,600 gold
  • 206,800 XP
  • 350 Soul

As more players answer The Calling and pre-register, additional rewards will be unlocked for all, including enough tickets to summon a total of 20 new Atma to a player’s ranks.

  • 10k pre-registrations: 1 Summoning Ticket
  • 20k pre-registrations: 2 Summoning Tickets
  • 30k pre-registrations: 3 Summoning Tickets
  • 40k pre-registrations: 4 Summoning Tickets
  • 50k pre-registrations: 1 Platinum Ticket (10 Summons)

Even greater rewards will be announced after 50,000 players have registered.


  • Become a Seeker and see the truth behind the veil in this thrilling urban fantasy RPG
  • Harness the techno-mystical Code Atma app to harness the power of mythical beings
  • Fight smart - strategic mastery brings greater rewards than mindless grind
  • Discover a world of myth and mystery inspired by Southeast Asian folklore
  • Immerse yourself in a world of gorgeous hand-drawn characters and stunning Atma
  • Neon cities meet mystic realms - explore the bounds between technology and magic

Pre-registration is open via the Code Atma site and Google Play Store until August 18th, and Code Atma launches across North American, European and MENA regions on August 19th.

Preview builds are available on request from the Media Contact below.

Download Press Assets Here


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