Tokyo, Japan – August 2nd, 2021
Tsugi, the leading provider of procedural audio technologies for the entertainment industries, is proud to announce the release of DSP Action. 
A unique workflow
DSP Action allows all creators to easily generate high-quality sound effects, simply by drawing them with a mouse or a graphic tablet.
From the sounds of destruction (impacts, crashes, debris…) and fight (punches, gunshots, explosions…) to mechanisms (giant robots, gears, engines…) and powerful synths (screeching sounds, risers, braams…), everything needed to create high-octane teasers, action-packed games, and thrilling animations is just one click away.
The workflow is immediate: select a type of action (e.g., hit, break, scrape), a sound generator (e.g., metal, synth, engine),  and simply draw your sound effect! While drawing, the position and speed of the mouse (or stylus) are evaluated to generate a sound that perfectly matches your movements.
In addition, interactions with graphic triggers allow for the creation of an infinity of sound variations. Crossing lines and entering shapes while drawing will start new sounds or transform existing ones
A powerful procedural audio engine
Thanks to Tsugi’s unique procedural audio engine, the sound generation is fully customizable. Each sound generator provides many control and synthesis parameters, allowing for the design of the perfect sound  for your project.
Should the length of an action sequence change, the sound duration can be adjusted without requiring any new audio recording or editing, and without introducing any audio artifacts (unlike with the time-stretching of samples).
Procedural audio also allows for the automatic generation of many sound variations, which is especially useful to fight repetitiveness in games and animated movies.  
DSP Action saves its sounds as Wave files that can be used in any creative project. These sounds can also be exported towards the Unity* game engine or sent to another audio tool, directly from within DSP Action.
DSP Action is available on Tsugi’s web site for US $49 (EUR 36, GBP 29). The sounds created with DSP Action are royalty-free and can be used in commercial projects without any extra cost.
For more information:
DSP Action page:
DSP Action video:
DSP Action release blog:
DSP Action is the latest addition to the Dynamic Sound Packs (DSP), an innovative series of tools that generate sound effects from procedural models instead of using fixed recordings, and which already include DSP Anime, DSP Fantasy, DSP Motion, DSP Sci-Fi, and DSP Retro.
contact:  [email protected]


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