There’s No Turning Back— Get Ready to Unleash the Power Within and Escape The Magical Dungeon with Kunjee Studios Brand New Puzzle Action Adventure for the NES

.Pittsburgh, PA (July 28, 2021) – Kunjee Studio — an up-and-coming indie development group comprised of industry veterans from Brazil and creators of GO Mikura GO — today announced the August 10th, 2021 launch of their Roniu’s Tale Kickstarter. Being developed in partnership with Mega Cat StudiosRoniu’s Tale brings a fresh take on classic retro action-puzzlers with beautiful 2D graphics, reimagined game mechanics, charming characters, and relentless enemies. Roniu’s Tale will be launching on the Nintendo NES and the demo will be featured in Evercade’s Mega Cat Collection 2 this August 27th.
 There’s no turning back! Roniu’s Tale submerges us in a magical world of ghosts, magic, and mayhem! Featuring single-player, puzzle-driven action, the game offers a plethora of enemies hell-bent on keeping you trapped. Each step Roniu takes will crumble the path behind him, and only logic, magic, and perseverance will get him through. Players must collect all orbs and keys through each level to lead Roniu to freedom.
  “We at Kunjee are excited to finally share Roniu’s Tale with the gaming community. We’ve put so much love and dedication into this project. And hope you enjoy it too!”, said Roniu’s Tale Game Designer and Producer Rafael Valle Barradas. “We’re also glad to be on this journey with our friends from Mega Cat Studios. Together, we want to provide to you the best retro 8-bit experience in the likes of Solomon’s Key and Solstice.”
 “Everyone at Mega Cat is obsessed with retro consoles, but the NES holds a special place in our hearts. From the moment Kunjee Studios reached out, it was easy to share in their enthusiasm with something we love,” said Mega Cat Studios President Nick Mann. “It has been so much fun to work with the Kunjee team over the past 6 months. We are thrilled to finally announce the launch of their Kickstarter, we cannot wait to share everything they’ve worked on.” Inspired by games puzzle classics Solomon’s Key and Solstice, Roniu’s Tale has players take on the role of Roniu, a young magician who has been trapped by the doldrums of his life. A shining light beyond the walls of his city drawn him like a siren, into the magical dungeon that threatens to keep him forever. Players must utilize their mind and magic to defeat mystical bosses, avoid crumbling pathways and locate the final key to make their escape! It’s a mind-bending adventure through 43 brain-scratching levels, where the power within and the help of a friend are your only hope!
 Upon successful completion of their $15,000 Kickstarter goal, Roniu’s Tale will launch first on the Nintendo NES —and with the help of backers and the community like you— will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. Additional game details and assets will be released within the coming months.   About Kunjee StudiosKunjee Studios was created in 2019 with one goal in mind: bringing retro games to life. With decades of combined experience, they are a group of passionate industry veterans looking to create brand-new IPs for consoles we’ve come to love.Be first to hear new developments and follow Kunjee Studios on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  About Mega Cat StudiosMega Cat Studios is an independent video game development and publishing studio with a global team. At their core, they are passionate game developers and artists who seek to create meaningful experiences through their games and services.To stay up-to-date on all things Mega Cat Studios and retro-pop culture, follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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