The Rewinder, an adventure puzzle game based on Chinese mythology will launch on Steam on September 13th, developer Misty Mountain Studio and publisher Gamera Game announced the news during [F5] Games Show.
The Rewinder Steam page:
Release date announcement trailer:
Inspired by traditional Chinese folklore, the game uses pixel art to mimic the aesthetics of Chinese ink paintings. Following its announcement in 2019 and the consequent release of the Demo, The Rewinder has charmed global audiences with its unique ink-like pixel art style and innovative puzzle design.
The player takes on the role of Qi Yun, a “Rewinder” who has the ability to enter people’s memories and influence their actions. Tasked by the guards of the underworld, Qi Yun set out to investigate a peculiar case of disappearances and deaths in a small village. As the investigation progresses, players will get to travel in time, meet mythological creatures, and shed light on the truth behind a story shrouded in mystery.
The Rewinder will launch on Steam on September 13th. Keep an eye on it if you are charmed by the unique art style and puzzles.

About Misty Mountain Studio
Misty Mountain Studio is an independent game studio established in 2018. We were originally based in Melbourne, Australia and moved to China since 2020. We are a small team of 6, coming from a broad range of different experiences and educational backgrounds but all with the same passion – making creative and interesting games. Our first game, The Rewinder, is expected to be released in Fall this year.
About Gamera Game
Gamera Game is a Shanghai-based publisher founded in 2018. Focused on providing publishing services for indie games, the team aims to help game developers as their sidekicks, and because of that, it has established friendly relations with dozens of indie developers from all over the world. Get in touch with us at and follow us on Twitter!


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