Join a family of felines expressing how they care for each other through food. Arrange your bento box according to recipes displayed on the screen. Solve 120+ food-themed puzzles, unlocking additional movement options and bonus stages as you progress. And do it all today on your favorite Xbox console.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 30th, Krakow, Poland.

inbento is an original puzzle game that offers you a relaxing break and a short escape from reality. Your goal is to arrange snacks in a lunchbox according to the recipes you see onscreen. You’ll have the chance to follow the story of a cat’s family while doing so, but more importantly, you’ll serve your brain a solid logic exercise.

Watch the inbento Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S launch trailer HERE.

Get the game from either the European ( or US Microsoft Store ( for only 4.99 EUR/USD.

inbento is a tranquil, wordless story about cats and parenthood told through adorable puzzles. Relax, tease your brain, and prepare tasty bento dishes. Arrange them in an elaborate lunchbox while following the recipes shown onscreen.


  • Complete over 120 levels of unique pattern-matching gameplay.
  • Experience a soothing, silent tale about cats and parenthood.
  • Enjoy charming design inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine.
  • Progress steadily, thanks to a gradually increasing level of difficulty.
  • Challenge yourself with advanced bonus stages.
  • Listen to a relaxing original soundtrack.

inbento is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

More information about the game can be found on the publisher’s FacebookTwitter, and the game’s official website.

REVIEW COPIES (XBOX ONE / SERIES X|S) ARE NOW AVAILABLE. To secure one for yourself, please get in touch with Agnieszka Szóstak at [email protected].


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