The ILLUSION Is Unique Game, Where You Have To Interact With This Dark Environment By Your Senses, Memories, Feelings, Cleverness To Help Martin Escape From Zorya’s Mansion And Join The Mystery Cult.

Raven Games will released THE ILLUSION 30/7/2021 On (steam)

THE ILLUSION is puzzle adventure game

Where you explore the mansion of the daughter of the sun

Her elaborate puzzles are the only way to get accepted in her cult.

Her mysterious mansion is surrounded with unknown dark energy

And is the ultimate test to get adapted

By test the power of one’s brain, memory, senses, and interactivity with the environment.

One day a man named martin finds himself at her doorstep after searching of the cult

And acquiring informations and solving clues to the whereabouts of her mansion

Now he must solve her puzzles to either get accepted in her cult or he’ll die in the mansion

While his heart is beating in her hands she punishes him for every mistake

Any mistake takes a bit of his life so he have to think carefully before touching her safes

Steam : THE ILLUSION on Steam (

Trailer :


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