July 27, 2021: Five years after its last public demo, the occult management adventure rises again to face the scrutiny of the masses.
 When Astronaut: The Best ascended from Steam Greenlight in 2016, press from The Guardian to Ars Technica lauded its demo. Today, Universal Happymaker cordially provokes both journalists and the uncredentialed masses to check out how far it has come.
Astronaut: The Best is an occult management adventure where people aren’t just numbers: they’re incompetent screwups.  Your duty is to turn them into national heroes, or the government will have you killed.
 To attain alpha access, aspirant players must join the Astronaut: The Best Discord, where they must complete a brief test of valor and piety by petitioning the #alpha-offerings channel. While there, they might also enjoy AI-generated news articles or betting on morality plays.
 Universal Happymaker hopes to release AtB in mid-to-late 2022, after regularly updating the alpha with new content and much tinkering.
Resources:DiscordSteam PageAnnounce TrailerA Nice GIFIt is said that newsworthiness is like a bird: if you try to define it, it will vomit worms at you until you die. Universal Happymaker believes it likely that Astronaut: The Best‘s alpha will delight and edify indie game enthusiast audiences, but trusts in the judgment of the reader.


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