Kuala Lumpur, July 22, 2021 - The esports company Epulze has entered a partnership with Mobius.Bet, creating the Dota 2 tournament Series Mobius.Bet Maestros featuring a $10,000 prize pool. The main event will take place on July 26 – August 5th with the open qualifier running on Saturday, July 24.

The Mobius.Bet Maestros will have 8 participating teams, 7 being direct Invites while the remaining slot getting occupied by the top team from the open qualifier. The main event will consist of a Bo2 Round Robin group stage with 1 group.

The top 4 teams will then advance to a double elimination playoff. Participating teams will be announced in the coming weeks. The broadcast will be covered in English, Spanish and Portuguese on Epulze’s own and partnered channels.

The Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships & Events at Epulze, Pontus Lövgren, said: “We are very excited to work with Mobius.Bet, this partnership will give us a good opportunity to create yet another South American Dota 2 event. This will be the first in a long series of tournaments in the region and we’re happy to have Mobius.Bet onboard.” “We have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity of entering into this partnership with Epulze, as part of our launch into the South American market, particularly in Brazil. We look forward to our first tournament in the region, and our entire team are super-excited about this relationship, as we are not only huge fans of esports as a whole, but of working with the superb Epulze team, who are fantastic to work with, totally professional and truly amazing!”, explained Lynn Pearce, MOBIUS.BET Co-Founder and CEO.


Mobius Interactive Ltd. is an online esports gaming operator, with a variety of unique offerings catering to diverse demographic groups, powered by the UltraPlay award-winning esports platform. The flagship brand, Mobius.bet, combines loyalty and targeted gamification into one seamless package. As a top sponsor of the 2021 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in Brazil, the Mobius.bet brand will be seen by up to 40 million people per game on Globo TV. The team at Mobius are gamers at heart; collectively they bring over 40 years of hands-on experience to the industry. Team Mobius has created a unique iGaming experience: one that caters to the client through gamification, loyalty rewards, and exceptional customer service throughout the player journey.


Epulze is a world-leading online platform that strives to be a springboard for amateur players trying to make it in the world of professional esports. The Epulze platform is providing everyday gamers with a place to compete in a fun, friendly and exciting environment.

Since the inception of the platform in 2017, it has served hundreds of thousands of players participating in over 60.000 online tournaments. Epulze has also produced a wide variety of pro tournaments while also running livestream productions out of their own broadcasting studio.

With a headquarter in Örebro, Sweden, a subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and an office in Singapore, as well as regional teams in Kiev, Ukraine and São Paulo, Brazil. Our multi-national community includes the whole range of key components. From the grassroot enthusiasts winning and earning their way up to the big leagues, to the hardcore professionals, streamers, and companies that all share the common love for esports and its fantastic communities.


Pontus Lövgren – Cofounder, Head of Partnerships & Events.

Email: [email protected]

Discord: LastPandaDancing #8698


Website and more info: epulze.com


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