Game developer Agate is excited to announce that players can once again take a closer look at the sequel to 2018’s Valthirian Arc Hero School Story. Everyone can sign up for the playtest through the link below to join the Discord server and get a Steam Key. Registrations are open from July 21st until July 30th, 2021.
 Players interested in another vibrant RPG adventure in the Valthirian Arc universe can share their thoughts and feedbacks directly with the Agate team.
 Playtest registration: information:

About Agate
Agate, under PT Agate International, is a game development company and studio founded in 2009 and based in Bandung, Indonesia. PT Agate International runs two primary businesses: game development under Agate, and gamification development/learning solution under Agate Level Up. PT Agate International also owns Seruni, a subsidiary specializing in digital marketing and advertising.

 Agate’s hundreds of titles have attained more than 5 million players and more than 20 awards from home and abroad. After becoming the biggest video game company in Indonesia, Agate is currently extending its reach in the international market.


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