Zombie Nation Is Gearing up for change and A new Commitment to our Streaming we are setting goals to Reach. we Are still waiting to be able to get some new Equipment so there may be a bump or two in the path to our goals. IF you Notice on our Live page we have added the first of our Weekly Schedules

Zombie Nation on Facebook Gaming (1) Zombie Nation- Jadiri Gamer is on Facebook Gaming | Facebook

MTGA Planeswalker Group (1) MTGA Planeswalkers | Facebook

our Morning Feature will REmain MTG Area this Stream get huge following response and viewers, our Goal is to get ita two-hour stream from 10 AM to 12 PM

Evenings will BE MTG Arena at night and Exclusive Arena Event as Resources allow From the Goal is an Hour and a Half from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM as Family and situations allow.
we hope to offer an AfterNoon Stream as well with a goal 1 to 2Hours Mix it up Afternoons, everything From Eternal Card game, Gwent Witcher, Group Amongus, with Open Server all will be invited to Join in we will make codes available.

Times may vary due to other responsibilities, as we all know life happens we are a family of 4 two young kids with school pick-up time Lunches, Laundry ECT most know the Drill.
our main BIg GOal here is to be invited into the Facebook Stars Program to earn a bit for our TIme efforts and Expenditures I believe these goals I have set can be achieved maybe a little variation to fit life into the Schedule may be required,

Check out Zombie Nation on Wasder Community chat / Wasder

Group chat on wasder https://app.wasder.gg/party/1b027a78-e78b-4d7e-99a8-cc2efb99c9fa

it has been nearly 2 years in the Shut-down lockdown life normal living has a different pace than we have had to live.


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