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 Wanting to try and bring in a new wave of players to his story-driven escape room as well as his other work; Brian has decided to discount his most recent major release: Our Secret Below. “I’m really proud of this game. I think it offers a lot that escape rooms normally don’t have. It can be tough for a solo developer to be noticed and my goal now, more than anything, is for people to see and experience my work.”
Our Secret Below is a thriller-horror escape room about a woman who has been kidnapped and must learn about her captor to escape to her freedom. Our Secret Below released in July of 2020 and has seen a number of updates since.

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About Our Secret Below

An escape room thriller-horror from solo game developer Brian Clarke (creator of The Mortuary Assistant, The Subject, and Kohate). Our Secret Below is a story about a woman who has been abducted and must break out of her cell, learn about her captor’s past, and use that knowledge to escape.

Nia Davis, has been taken to the basement of an unfamiliar house. Waking up in a haze, Nia does not remember anything before this moment. In her weakened state, she overhears her captor and learns she does not have much time left to live. He is obsessed, and no one else can have her. She isn’t the first woman he’s brought down here and there has to be some way out.

Our Secret Below is a story-driven escape room that goes deeper than things appear. Search through the belongings of your captor, learn all you can, and find out why this man is so obsessed. Find keys, codes, and other items to unlock personal belongings and make your escape without being caught. But strange things start to happen the more you find. Your captivity may be more than it seems.   

About The Developer

Brian Clarke is a former AAA game developer turned solo indie dev. with 15 years of game development experience. After working at larger studios, he left to work on co-development projects, freelance art, and solo game development. After the launch of his first co-development project, Brian went on to found DarkStone Digital and started development on his own games full-time. His aim is to take all he’s learned from his time in the AAA space and apply it to indie games to produce quality products. Follow DSD on Twitter for updates on new games in development.https://www.darkstonedigital.com


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