Sim Farm announces the new game Feudal Baron: King’s Land – city-building game in which you command and expand a medieval city in the name of the sovereign. The player will take care of the citizens, design a tax system, collect the resources needed to develop the settlement, trade with merchants and defend against invaders.

In the game, the player receives a huge honor from the King to oversee the medieval city and surrounding lands. This is not only a great privilege, but also a demanding task. You begin with only a handful of citizens, a modest settlement, and your task will be to gather the resources necessary to grow your city and design its layout wisely, and ensure that your subjects are satisfied with your rule.

The King has granted you the right to rule over a part of his kingdom

Gold is a resource that makes progress possible. Take advantage of your vassals and create a profitable tax system, because not only do you need it to develop your city, but you also must satisfy the needs of the royal treasury, after all, your king is your liege. Use various buildings to utilise collected materials, craft tools, weapons and armour and sell them to the merchants.

Defending the land against the enemies of the realm is also one of your tasks. Prepare the city for the attacks of foreign invaders, collect goods to survive the siege and garrison the fortifications. If the defences fail, your settlement can be sacked, citizens killed and buildings burned down.

Medieval times are not easy for the rulers, you will face all sorts of calamities like fires, plague outbreaks or rebellions of discontented citizens.

Feudal Baron: King’s Land – watch the official trailer

Feudal Baron: King’s Land official trailer is now available on Steam and YouTube channel. If you like the game, please add Feudal Baron: King’s Land to your Steam wishlist.


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