Today I would Like to Start by Outlining the Long-Forgotten Previously untold tale of the StrixHaven University of Magic, This goes way way back to a time none of us were here, the lore as I heard it told Rumor That THe Wizards who first founded the Old School held tough to their Defence that Strix haven never ever tried to Imatae the Sucess of Hogwarts University in any way the way I heard it hold this was trying in every way To a point but it is a very very Twisted Lore if what has been heard is real Indeed.

Will the truth win out in this Lore of the Forgotten Realms, the story that starts with one of the 6 Strongest Planes walkers and helping founder of the school Teferi, Master of Time

Frist let have some background on the University

Founded some 700 years ago by five spellcasting dragons, Strixhaven University is Arcavios's premier institution of magical learning, drawing promising young mages from all around the plane to study in its halls. Strixhaven is divided into five colleges, each with its own campus, faculty, and magical specialties. Each of the five colleges focuses on the clashing of two opposing mana colors: Silverquill in white and black, Prismari in blue and red, Witherbloom in black and green, Lorehold in red and white, and Quandrix in green and blue.

The mission of Strixhaven University is to discover and preserve magical knowledge, disseminate that knowledge from one generation to the next, promote the free and open study of magic in all its forms, and enhance the lives of people throughout the plane through the use of magic. Read More Here

Now lore has it that Teferi, Master of Time and his Minions Kidnaped Harry and His minion and Have them Preserved and Lock away In THe Forgot Realms Catacombs Amaasive place with a maze of chambers and quarter Ruled by Dragon and other powerful supernatural forces.

Rumour in the lore would have you Believe that they have Harry and his minions away Not because they were Not Good or completely bad but because they could not control their tongues or tempers and in the end, many always got hurt or destroyed so they locked them away for the greater good.

so as much as the Rumore that Strixhaven is not a Rip off Of Hogwarts and Harry and his minions in any way they did so they say rip him and his minion off and Lock them away in the Forgotten Realms for the greater good of the Muggles now in the Days OD strix heaven more well known as mulligans which is said to She many poor deals that come into there lives

so as you see they ripped nothig off they merily Locked it out of site out of mind in THE FORGOTTEN REALMS .

To be Continued

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