Retro-pixel danmaku game

Keycodes delivered upon requestKozankyo, Kozan – July 2, 2021– Independent game development studio Drillimation Systems releases Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! on Steam today.

Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! is the sequel to the colorful retro-pixel danmaku game in which you will have to weave through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets.

Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! revolves around the duo of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai searching the fictional country of Kozan finding a stolen relic for a princess.

The game is sold for $4.99, €4.13, £3.59 a pop. On Monday, Drillimation released a blog post on their website looking for editors on the game’s official wiki Drillipedia. Users who have Gamepedia Pro can also get a free Steam key.

A free demo for the game is also available to download on


  • Retro-style graphics influenced by the golden era of arcade games
  • Two playable characters with an amazing two-player mode
  • Simplified gameplay for newcomers, as well as easy to learn and intuitive controls
  • Hilarious dialogue with a new and improved art style

About Drillimation Systems
Drillimation Systems is an entertainment conglomerate with a main focus on video games and animation. Their products are intended for newcomers to video games and veteran fans of games alike. Drillimation originally began in mid-2014 as a fan project where the Prophet wanted to make GoAnimate videos featuring characters from Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Mr. Driller franchise. The Drillimation domain was formally registered in 2019 shortly after the Chuhou Joutai demo released.


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