Feel the most immersive and authentic chess experience on Oculus Quest!

On July 1st, Odders Lab will officially launch Chess Club for Oculus Quest. The game is already available for preorder today and with Early Access on June 29. This is the first chess game available on the Oculus Quest platform and it will offer a unique mix of different environments, custom rules with multiplayer, AI, Voice Chat and gorgeous animations with much more to come in future updates.

Chess has been among us since the 15th century, although its roots can be traced back to the 7th century in India. Now, centuries later, Chess Club brings the sharpest version of this game to VR with stunning visuals to relive the realistic experience of a chess match or to let yourself into a more magical world. With several AI difficulties and different time rules available, you can customize the experience to your own skills. The multiplayer mode allows the players to interact with other players and friends through voice chat and avatars, offering a close-to-reality experience in VR. For even greater immersion, the entire game can be played using hand tracking!

Oculus Quest Trailer



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