New cards, enemies and a boss of nightmarish proportions make their debut in Demeo

STOCKHOLM  June 28, 2021 – After epic battles with the Mad Elven Queen and slaying more than 1.6 million Spiderlings since RPG dungeon crawler Demeo’s launch last month, wizards and warriors might have thought they’d earned their rest — but they can’t let down their blades and arrows just yet. Resolution Games has launched ‘Realm of the Rat King’ today (trailer here): a new adventure that will see players of the critically acclaimed virtual reality game Demeo unlock new spells, fight new monsters, and battle an amalgamation of nightmarish proportions. 
Once players have proven victorious in Demeo’s first adventure, ‘The Black Sarcophagus,’ the heroes learn that the town of Sunderhaven is suffering from an unlikely infestation. Feral rats have begun to appear, and the rumors among the locals suggest that they’re being steered by someone… or something. Adventurers will delve deep into the sewers beneath Sunderhaven to locate the source of this mysterious scourge and eliminate it by any means necessary. 
“The best part of playing tabletop adventures with your friends — other than tackling the forces of evil together — is knowing that there are always more adventures waiting just around the corner,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “We’re committed to bringing that same promise of ongoing fun to Demeo. ‘Realm of the Rat King’ is just the first addition of many new adventures we have in the works. We’ll be introducing more magic, more mayhem, and even more heroes over time for players to party up with and plumb the VR depths.”
Building on the world and characters of Demeo, ‘Realm of the Rat King’ will introduce a number of new elements that will challenge even the most seasoned group of heroes:

  • New environment: The sewers are dark and very dangerous. With endless threats lurking in the shadows, adventurers will want to stick together if they’re going to survive.
  • New enemies: Spore Fungus are filled to the brim with poison, so be sure to watch your step — and don’t let the multi-headed Gorgon catch your gaze, or you might just turn to stone!
  • New cards: Brighten your way with the trusty Torch card, treat any poisons with the new Antitoxin and go on the offensive with your brand new Web Bomb.
  • New boss: The Rat King is the last monster you’d want to be trapped with when you’re five levels underground, but that’s exactly where you’ll find this horrifying monarch that is literally bound to his subjects.

Along with today’s expansion, Resolution Games has shared that Demeo has been submitted for approval to the Oculus Rift store. For the latest updates on when that will go live in the coming days for cross-play available to all supported headsets, please follow Demeo on Facebook and Twitter. Players can also join Demeo’s Discord here
‘Realm of the Rat King’ is now available as a free update for current owners of Demeo. New adventures who wish to join the adventure can download Demeo from the Oculus Store or Steam VR for $29.99 USD. To learn more about Demeo, visit For a more extensive look at the new adventure, the overview trailer can be viewed here
Resolution Games has also provided an early look at possible future themes for upcoming adventures that the team is researching, including a city environment and a forest environment. You can check out some early concept art here


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