Zombie Nation play MTG Arena Saturday Insanity we are going to Grind for bit

Jumpstart is back now we are most like going to Check this out later most like it will be a Twitch at night Exclusive here on Zombie nation. if you have not Check us out on Twitch you should give it a look there is exclusives on Twitch you won't find here on Facebook.

Check out todays Saturday Maddness on MTG Arena

we are working on new content all the time soon we will be looking into a new PC that will run far more. we are also working on Plans to Possible adding PokemonGO to our streaming Mix changes have made this a very popular Live streamed game that can now be played on the road or from home.

The Response to the Stream we got is overwhelming thanks to all who checked us out, and when figuring out just what it was we did I'm going to bottle it and repeat we may well be checking out the CHROMATIC CUBE events and see what these are all about most likely this to will be exclusive Twitch events for Zombie nation.

even thought the veiws at time are huge for us on Facebook we would like to build that following on twitch things are far less restrictive for Content creating .


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