Wroclaw, Poland, June 18, 2021 – Supernova Studio in cooperation with T-Bull as a producer announces work on a new simulator. A page with the announcement of the Fitness Center Renovator game is now available on the Steam platform, i.e. renewing abandoned places into a paradise for fitness enthusiasts.

The latest production of the young, Wroclaw-based studio, puts the player in the role of a businessman who wants to create a strong brand on the fitness center market. The adventure begins with the search for suitable premises at a good price. Unfortunately, buying such a place brings with it an additional challenge – a cheap venue needs to be tied up. Renovations, cleaning, repairs – these are the first steps on the road to success. However, while the beginnings can be difficult and laborious, very soon the players will move on to making decisions regarding the entire chain of facilities.

At the heart of the Fitness Center Renovator game is the development of its own franchise network. While building muscle and shape in customers is a priority, the business needs to be profitable. To achieve them, as a club manager, you’ll have to decide who your customers are – rich businessmen aiming for high standards, bodybuilders looking for new challenges, or maybe busy moms? A good plan is essential.

Fitness Center Renovator, in addition to engaging gameplay, also offers a social ecosystem where players can compete, inspire each other and evaluate the work of others. After all, competition drives business growth. 

Fitness Center Renovator is the second title from Supernova Studio that you can add to your wishlist on the Steam platform right now. The game will be published by T-Bull S.A. 

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