New Limited-Time ‘Poko Forest’ Dungeon Now Open, Where Rewards and Enemies Await

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 17, 2021 – Netmarble’s latest update for its dark fantasy open world mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE on the App Store and Google Play introduces a new avenue for player Warriors to get stronger as the new ‘Shu Artifact System’ is now live in-game.
Once a player’s Shu familiar reaches Heroic Level, they are able to equip items onto their Shu in order to strengthen their Combat Power. Currently, only Attack-type and Defense-type are eligible to receive and equip a single Artifact on each equipment slot.
Today’s update also introduces a new ‘Poku Forest’ dungeon, which is open from June 17 – July 8. This is a ‘Party Play’ dungeon where one to five members can team up to conquer from one to twenty difficulty levels, with a new level opening up per day. Rewards will be given upon completion, with additional rewards granted based on clear time.
This month’s slate of in-game events for A3: STILL ALIVE’s June update also include:

  • Resource Battle Exchange Event (6/17~7/8) - Players can join in on maximum of five Resource Battles while the event is being held, and the top 1~4 players will earn Exchange Tickets. These can be redeemed for [Show me the Money] Boxes that gives Blue Diamonds, Ethers, Topazes, Mana Stones, and Gold. Players can earn between 50-300 Exchange Tickets if they participate in all five battles.
  • 7-Day Artifact Missions (6/17~7/1) – Earn medals by completing mission across seven days, which can be exchanged for Superior Artifact Boxes, and Rare/Heroic Exp Ancient Eggs.
  • Shedora’s Special Quest (6/17~7/8) – Players will earn rewards by achieving Combat Power thresholds for an individual character. Basic rewards for Combat Power achievement include Uncommon Enhancement Blessing Scrolls, Premium Enhancement Stone Selection Chests, Superior Enhance Premium 2000 Chests, and Super Magic Stone Chests. Players can additionally gain Blue Diamonds, and Rare Artifact Chests when completing the Special Quest as fast as they can.
  • Level Up! Super Check-in Event (6/17~6/27, 6/28~7/8) – By logging into the game, players can earn rewards like Blessed Sands, Eternal Embers, and Uncommon Feathers of Protection. There will be two seasons, with the first starting on June 17, and the second on June 28.
  • Relay Soul Linker Mission (6/24~7/8) – Upon completing the 14-day series of missions, players will receive Soul Linker-themed rewards, including a maximum reward of a 5/6-Star Exp Soul Star, and 5/6-Star Heroic Guaranteed Soul Star.
  • Poku Forest BOX Event (6/24~7/8) – Players can exchange tickets earned from completing the Poku Forest dungeon which can provide rewards up to a 7-Star Heroic Guaranteed Soul Star, 7-Star Legendary Soul Linker Conversion Ticket, Rainbow Rune Fragment, Ethers and Gold.

Set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery, A3: STILL ALIVE is a cross-genre mobile experience that pairs the enormous and living worlds of Open-World RPGs with the extreme combat of Battle Royale. Players must be vigilant in an always-open Player vs.

Player (PvP) environment as they fight against enemies with intense hack & slash combat and prove their mettle in a variety of PvP and Player vs. Environment (PvE) modesA3: STILL ALIVE is beautifully rendered with splendid console-quality 3D graphics that are brought to life thanks to the outstanding optimization of the Unity Engine.
A3: STILL ALIVE is now available as a free digital download (with in-app purchases) on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, in 172 countries around the world.
For more information, please visit the official website and forum, and follow A3: STILL ALIVE on Facebook and YouTube.


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