São Paulo – June 17th, 2021 – QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Moraes Games, is pleased to announce the new Arcade Space Shooter 2 in 1, that is now available in the Nintendo eShop.

Arcade Space Shooter brings two games inspired by the classic Arcade games, both are fast, addictive and retro shoot ’em up!

The first one is Space War Infinity, that you can evolve your ship, unlocking more than 20 different upgrades and weapons during the game, that have 5 bosses ready to spray you. After completing all the missions, try to move up in rank by facing waves of enemies created in real time.

In Space Smash, avoid being crushed by the space storm by collecting Orbs of blue energy to save more time and space, watch out for the red Orbs. Get the highest score possible! Get to the podium on the scoreboard and try to stay there as long as possible. Unlock ships with unique characteristics by collecting coins that appear in the arena.


• Easy to learn and with simple commands.

• A wide variety of weapons, powerups and ship upgrades.

• Wide range of enemies.

• Beautiful pixel-art graphics.

• Retro sound effects. 

Trailer Gameplay: https://bit.ly/ArcadeShooterVideo

More info about the game: https://bit.ly/ArcadeShooter


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