Zombie Nation play MTG Arena Grindem up Thursday and if there is time we have a new Jumpstart deck still need a win

ok things seem to be easing on the nasty decks I had been getting hit with last night we managed to move forward and hold our ground let see if this can continue as we move on in this season.

hey we did ok hold down the fort on rank we didn't budget forward though, one bright point we got out second win and reward in our jump start event that is a plus jumpstart in my thinking is the best way to play this game put us all on equal footing like a breath of fresh air compared to ranked play.

Tomorrow is FNM at home Historic Brawl While will be followed by a histtoric Brawl Frst Event 2,500 Gold to be a part this will be worth checking out this is one many have been watching to try there hot new decks in for sure worth checking out I think we have a deck ready for FNM at home not sure how good it will do we had some internet issues and couldnt give it a test run so we will be playing a 100 random blue and red cards in to the mis tomorrow untested.


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