Popular wizard school builder sim releases out of Steam Early Access with a host of new features, including Dungeon Crawl mode, new visuals, music, and much more 

Toulouse, France – 15th of June, 2021 – The colorful wizard school builder sim, Spellcaster University, has today launched its full 1.0 version on Steam. A series of enchanting new features are now available, from a Dungeon Crawl mode, new visuals, events, as well as updated sounds and music. 

Watch the latest Spellcaster University trailer here

The popular Spellcaster University lets players construct their wizardry academy, with no playthrough ever the same thanks to the procedurally generated campaigns and unique deck-building system. The large variety of card options not only let prospective directors plan their university in great detail but also customize the brand of magic from five distinct Decks, each unique and powerful in their own charming way. 

The rich wizarding world of Spellcaster University is filled with wonders, events, quests, and locations to discover. Powerful artifacts can be earned, legendary potions drunk, grimoires to be studied, factions befriended (or battled). A player needs to manage their school’s budget, decide the magic curriculum, hire the right teachers, but most of all, care for a student’s wellbeing, from personality to their supernatural skills and magic powers. 

Spellcaster University’s full 1.0 launch comes after a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and the initial release into Steam Early Access in 2019. French indie developer Sneaky Yak Studio is set to continue the active development of Spellcaster University for the foreseeable future. 

Players who would like to know more about Spellcaster University can follow Sneaky Yak’s TwitterInstagram, or Facebook page. Find more information on the Spellcaster University website here. 

Assets and more background information can be found in a dedicated press kit here. 

About Sneaky Yak Studio

Sneaky Yak Studio is a passionate young indie game studio based in Toulouse, France. The wizard school builder Spellcaster University is Sneaky Yak Studio’s first game and has remained popular ever since launching on Steam Early Access in 2019 with a full 1.0 launch in June 2021.


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