In the last few days, I have been asking myself some hard question about MTG Arena and my live Stream the biggest one is this When people come to View my Steams are they coming to Watch Zombie nation play magic or are they coming maybe to see cards or a cards mechanic only I will get view many time of anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes like many are checking one stram to the next till they see the type of deck or card they would like to see in motion rather than watch a whole stream or game they are searching for just a small tip or action.

Now im Not saying I feel like Streaming magic is a waste in any way I play magic I enjoy forthe most part playing see how a tweak change a deck learning the machnic of cards and their synergies. that said I believe that all magic player are seeking the ultimate deck or card for their deck new player are seeking information or courage to build a deck whereto starts

I’m thinking rather than just playing cards im going to start talking more about decks center the main cards in a deck their actions together why is it important these cards are not only in the deck but played together because without understanding this making a deck that will make it far in the game or a game for that matter today is particle impossible.

yes, it’s necessary to have a plan 2 when all else false last-ditch effort plan every deck has a center what it really med of so I Am thinking rather than focusing so much on play in my streams I will Focus on what when I am playing a Deck what is my center and why and what about my plan 2 and how do some of the centers and other cards in the deck contribute 2 plan B.

Meet my Mutation Deck

This is whats at the center and makes it stone cold tough hard to over come,

Tese 5 are the center horned Bettle, gureks uprising , wildwood scourge , yarvo lor of gargenbrig ,gemrazer , the key for this deck is to get these cards out on the board safely ASAP and able to cast 4 power cards from your hand from there the deck is pretty automatic.Fire at will Each of this card will either Gain Plus one for casting a 4 power card or gain plus one each time another gain plus one, gureks uprising is very important so much so there is 8 of them in the deck get as many out as possible each time you cast a card each will draw a card in your hand each time you cast a 4 power card and keep you well stocked WIth them.

Gemrarzer is the Mutation card it is a4 power card I find bet Placed on a horned Bettle early on especially if you have an Enchantment card that is a thorn in your side it will take one out when you cast and mutate with it. there are 4 of these in the deck use as many as you can they weaken your opponent’s stand removing the enchantment life link and other little enchantment their deck has up its sleeve.

there are a host of other cards in this deck to help it along, or that can help buil a plan B is this arrangement fails to happen . one this deck gets going an opponent usually concedes by the 5th or 6th turn its pretty overwhelming .the deck hold from 85% to 90% win rate much of the time.

Understanding the Center of a deck is Key to Deck building , knowing the machinic is also Key memorize what each card will do and being a leader havinga vision for what you want to do knowing what will acheive it guys use deck they build over and over rotation come and go but there deck live on they can take months and sometime far longer to build ta deck a player has a vision for.


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