Zombie Nation play MTG Arena your Sunday Bests Operation regain ran

This morning we get our quest done and continue attempting to regain our lost rank hoping to still make mythic by season end Later on Twitch Exclusive we will be playing in Standard Rank Working up some in the ranks.

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we are building gold collecting Wild card kick butt taking name strengthening our weakness Lookout was yes were coming for you. yes later today we will play standard rank on twitch we were testing and tweaking a few decks there lin some last night play trying to earn as much gold and wild card as the game will allow this season and until Rotation.

look we have started making a list of user name in-game that play decks that overpower that is far more than necessary to win any hand pump up their life far more than necessary to a point where you could win within 10 matches also name of the player with the card that gives then instant win even if they have played no other cards but mana also the decks that have cards that allow them to continue playing after they have reached negative numbers and still win against me these decks are unfair and have no place in the game at the least no place in historic ranks at wrost are a cheat and chase new player away from the game.

its also time wOTC starts considering that any deck can be played at any Rank, they really need to make matches by the deck and win rates not rank it is the fairest way honestly to insurance all player have a right to be matched with another deck that is their equal and that they have the capability to counter moves it might face during a match up.


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