AUSTIN, TEXAS - June 10, 2021 — Fiveamp, LLC’s newest mobile game MergeCrafter is now available on Google Play today! It’s also available for pre-order on iOS. Within the first week of launch it has already reached over a million downloads!

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Check out the merge action here:

MergeCrafter is a new mobile free-to-play game; players merge and combine tons of items to heal lands, and help revive charming quest-giving characters. MergeCrafter has simulation favorites like crafting, quest completion, and land exploration while everything evolves, merge after merge. The ultimate goal of the game: players match and combine similar items to reveal bigger and better ones, never-ending merging and discovery. Each player gets to choose their way to play, providing them with unique gameplay.

On Google Play Store:
On Apple App Store:

Game Features

  • Merge. Match and combine 3 items to reach the next level, Merge 5 for a bonus. Grow an acorn into a sprout, to a sapling, into a tree.
  • Explore. Discover all the Biomes, journey through quests, survive dungeon adventures. Heal all the dark lands to restore and take back your world
  • Harvest. Chop trees for resources and treasures. Mine ores for Iron, Gold, and Diamond. Use a pickaxe on Stones that contain treasures.
  • Craft. Create and enchant your tools with resources gathered from merging and exploring. 
  • Quest. Play through unique dungeons and complete quests. Help the friendly characters in their journeys and the fight against the Bandits.

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