LETS not do the TIme Warp again

 Time Warp Removed in MTG from Historic added to ban list, well we seen this coming from a miles away the historic gameplay has been getting worse and worse since the Strixheaen release this one of the worst im very certain there are more to more.

“In the recent Strixhaven Championship tournament, five of the Top 8 and all of the Top 4 Historic decks were Jeskai Turns decks prominently featuring Time Warp. In addition to the results of this event, our ladder play data from Historic also shows this to be an extremely powerful deck that is challenging for many other decks to disrupt and boasts very few bad matchups.Though we often like to see how the metagame adjusts to tournament results like these, when the deck involved has play patterns that prevent the opponent from playing the game and when our data suggests that it lacks a significant number of bad matchups, we favor acting quickly. For these reasons, Time Warp is banned in Historic.”

the amount of Extra turns player were taking due to this one and preventing the opponet from even havinga chance to make a single play on top of the over poer of card and over rampimp life at ligthening spped wasa huge disadvanage with no way around it .

It usually takes a


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