Take on the role of a bioengineer. Conduct research and experiments on flora and fauna. Build, expand, and decorate your habitat, laboratories, and greenhouses in many different ways.

Frozen Way is bringing you their newest game design that tackles one of many environmental problems. As the last hope to save the planet, players will explore a newly discovered ecosystem, experiment with flora and fauna, and conduct varied research.

We would like to present to you the latest project from our studio – Honeycomb.

It usually takes a

[Check out the trailer]

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For immediate publication – June 10th, Cracow, Poland.

We are excited to present the newest project into which our studio has recently put a lot of hard work and heart.

The action takes place in the future on a distant alien planet. After expanding their knowledge of bioengineering and genetics, chosen scientists will create new organisms and discover previously unknown resources to help bring their home planet back to life.

Overall, planet Earth greatly suffers from air, land, and water pollution. Soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and the effects of climate change are undeniably becoming a fatal threat for humankind. The situation worsens day by day, and there seems to be no way to stop the inevitable. After many unsuccessful attempts, organization “X” decides to devote all available resources to locate and train young, talented scientists who might be able to turn the tables for the future generations of humanity. Their objective is an expedition to an unknown planet in search of salvation for their home – Earth. As the main character, Hennessy, you will encounter ferocious creatures, dangerous vegetation, and unfavorable climate conditions to finally realize that the planet you’re exploring is not what it seemed.

Familiarize yourself with the development process of Honeycomb and make

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