Zombie Nation Plays MTG The Arena Ok It time to rake in the gold or something like that

It usually takes a

The Fun of BO3 Historic play to zombie nation and make it Exculsive for out Twitch followers along with other Events we will be getting involved in Try to add variety to our gameplay and have even more fun, we have only been back to playing MTG just over a month and Just playing Historic ranked is getting a little Restrictive some time seems repetitive as people start to move the same strix heaven Blend decks inthe this Ranked play.

Check out Yesterdays Stream on Twitch we made the Switch to BO3 Histric rank

the New bans the first of which not a surprise really timewarp will help rein thing in a bit we sure expect to see other cards banned in the future no doubt in our thinking there Historic is getting to overpowered for Historic Rank due to some of these new cards.

well-tried BO3 Historic I Kinda like that too the games I played the decks seem a bit more in control THough shuffling was as bugly as ever however that works on both side so there is the.

Hope you Enjoyed maybe we will look into making Tradition Historic a twitch exclusive.


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