Citywars Savage is a fast paced Couch MMORPG featuring split screen, crafting and classless combat system. Go on adventures to complete quests, level up your gear and fight savage PvE battles with your friends. Establish and decorate your city with your most valuable riches.

You can watch our new trailer here:

The beta demo will start on June 11th.
The team of Citywars Savage actively engage in the communities they develop and spend their time playing along!

  • Fight together in the wild and complete dungeons
  • Explore a world filled with unique mechanics
  • Gather resources, Mine minerals and Fish! All the world is filled with treasures.
  • Go on adventures and complete quests to level up your gear.
  • Build your own city and furnish your house with your friends.

Join the community now and get involved in the development of the game.

The game has a unique editor that let our community improve the game at runtime. Which helps to deliver new content every month!

  • You can also apply to be staff and moderator in-game. Contact our admin at [email protected]

About 01 Studio:
Small indie game studio making a multiplayer game. We are currently working on Citywars Savage, an indie mmo.
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