Zombie Nation Plays MTG The Arena Jump Start Event Exclusive on Twitch

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Yesterday we had our Frist Jumpstart event on Arena it was great fun we made it a Twitch Exclusive we are really working hard to build our Following on twitch. seem however no matter what we try the followers increase on facebook 10 to 1 and they are actively Like watching and chatting Sharing tip and Ideas with me and each other.

we are really hope we can see the rwitch comunity get behind our Stream mostly magic arena but we do share other game stream too., we have been around twirch 2 years now . we will be having more exclusive twitch fun together more jump start even hoping to buy in 2 more times before it's over and fill in more Collection of cards.

Check out what you missed if you weren't with us on Twitch

Mix em Match ANd you got fun and mayhem you just never know what you come out with when you mash 2 half deck together, Just when you thought you knew Magic this could turn your head change your whole thinking about deck building come join the fun there has never been a better time to download and lplay the game these card are added to your collection and each deck you build 400 gems play as much as you like resign the deck pay again to create another deck there is no limit to the possibilities where can you Imagination take you.

Join us on Zombienation255 on twitch for exclusive gameplay you won't see from us on there is nothing like the unscripted fun and surprise each deck will without a doubt bring and it is unlocked match after match.


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