Zombie Nation Plays FNM at HOME and Grinding if we have time

It usually takes a

Well we finally got to the FNM at a Home event our First Stream got quickly ended by an in-home emergency and so glad we got to it in this video, needless today is filled with an interruption from all side for us hopefully things are in control we got nothing done today we planned on.

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hope you day went better we will look and see if we can find time later for another stream maybe some relaxing Bee swarm simulator or something.

so we have managed to survive a day of Caos here however we did not get to complete the FNM event after 2 attempts we will try again next Friday we dont know if FNM on Arena is going to carry on past that time as of yet it is the last Scheduled event listed at this time we can find no scheduling other than Jumpstart for June and July as of out last check.


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