Zombie Nation Plays MTG Arena Midweek Super Grind

It usually takes a

today we are just going to quest and Grind we played a lot yesterday Working on Tweaking a new deck and other issues we are there are some types of decks in-game right now that are causing more grief than should be allowed and not even necessary to get the win.

I think wizards needs to take a fresh look at some of its rules for deck building some meta need clipping some deck are built more as a way to humiliate another player than for fun and rank.

we are continuing to make changes in our scheduling and our streams, online schooling has made them shaky and we now know schools here will not be reopening this year so our TImes will return to normal in July, for now, our Schedule will remain Noon to 2 PM on Facebook . and 4 to 7:30 Pm on twitch Monday through Friday.

we are looking forward to the Jumpstart event starting in the very near FUture June 4th is the date we never got to try the jump start events last year so it will be new and interesting at least for us here at zombie Nation. we are also starting to look at our Deck and weed through what can be removed preparing for Rotation making sure our best deck is rotation proof in most cases this means switching the m to Historic where we mainly play the most.


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