Zombie nation Play MTG Arena Tuesday doing the Zombie shuffle as we grinding our Gold

It usually takes a

It's a new Season we are questing Grinding gold Wildcards and rank we start this season in the top of platinum and the competition is still hot and heavy to get back to Mythic.

This is the Begining of the june Season and we started at the top of platinum and the competion is still a bit hot and wild but we manage to move very near to moving back into mythic so we are please with that.at a;;/


Jumpstart is returning to MTG Arena June 4 through July 8! It will be the same Jumpstart you loved before: the same themed 20-card packets, with the same card swaps made for the previous MTG Arena release.

Jumpstart mashes together themes from throughout the history of Magic and lets you skip the deck-building part. You pick one packet from a set of three themed 20-card packets, and then pick a second packet from a different set of three. Your two chosen packets are shuffled together to create a 40-card deck you can start playing with right away!

Cards in each packet you select become part of your collection. Plus, each packet contains a basic land card with art that is exclusive to Jumpstart—you can only get these in Jumpstart!

Dates: June 4–July 8, 2021

Entry: 2,000 gold or 400 gems

Rewards: After the first two wins per entry, a random rare or mythic rare individual card reward is granted when resigning.


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