Spacegirl 2038 coming to PC May 26

Keycodes for both games delivered on requestLondon, UK –May 19, 2021– Independent development studio Borsuk Software release their 2D retro puzzle-based arcade game, Spacegirl, today on Steam.

In Spacegirl, you must guide Matilda through the homicidal space station and back to the fleet by controlling various fluids to escape the traps set for you.There are 30 missions in total, each with potentially multiple solutions. The new version of Spacegirl comes with a new, high-energy in-game soundtrack and support for high refresh rate monitors. 

Spacegirl is currently also available on the MS Store for Xbox One and on for $5.00. Spacegirl 2038, a fast-paced, high-energy arcade-style shooter, is also planned to be released on May 26.

Play as Lara, a newly qualified pilot in the fleet, whose sister and her crew have gone missing, and explore the strange alien world to bring them home safely.If you want a keycode to play Spacegirl 2038 on Steam, please get back to me and I will forward one to you right away.

Spacegirl 2038 is also available on the MS Store for Xbox One and on for $8.00


  • 2D arcade game
  • 30 puzzles
  • New in-game soundtrack
  • Support for high refresh rate monitors
  • Full controller support

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  • 2D arcade shooter
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Fast paced shoot’em up
  • High energy music
  • Main game missions
  • Speed race mode

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About Borsuk Software
Borsuk Software was formed a few years ago by Steven Ford. Originally, the games were written for his children, but as the games were being developed, it was clear that there would be demand from a wider audience. This lead to a partnership with MetalZebra Design for the graphics and Max Jpeg for the in-game soundtrack.

All of the main characters in the games are named after his children. Spacegirl = Matilda, Spacegirl 2038 = Lara.

They’re focusing on fun to play, retro-style games which can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. The next game in the series will involve the sisters flying and fighting together, then we will finally have the answer as to who’s the best pilot in the family.


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