May 13, 2021 | Parallel Plaid, Inc. is proud to announce Season 2 of Castaway Party, with a brand new Party Pass, a complete UI polish, and a host of new features. Available for both iOS and Android, Castaway Party matches 4 players in a real-time minigame circuit. The winner gets to show off their favorite dance in celebration.

With over a dozen minigames (and more coming!) to master, Castaways race, climb, catch, or fight their way to victory. Taking the top spot wins trophies and earns a place on the global leaderboard. Players can also invite their friends to “party up” and compete directly against each other.

The new Season 2 Party Pass has 25 levels of loot, coins, and items, including the new exclusive Ninja skin and his stickers. Players can purchase the pass and earn XP to unlock each level.

Also in this update, Castaway Party adds unique engagement and retention features:

  • Win tokens: Up to 3 per day can be earned by finishing 1st in a minigame circuit.
  • Loot boxes: Players collect win tokens or XP to open a loot box with skins, dances, stickers, or coins.
  • Banners: Customizable backgrounds for players’ profile names
  • Pins: Milestone markers earned by completing the Party Pass and finishing on the top of the season leaderboard

Castaway is free to download and play on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Castaway Party Game Trailer: Party Season 2 Highlights: App Store: Play Store: Contact: [email protected]


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