The Accomplishment Triggers the Release of More than 130 Additional Items and
Assets for the Community to Use in Their Creations

Gothenburg, Sweden – May 13, 2021 – Hiber AB, the team behind the User Generated Content and social entertainment platform,, today announced that it has passed its first major milestone with more than 1 million games created on the Hiber platform. The milestone marks massive growth over the past year in terms of monthly users, the number and percentage of people that are creating each month, and games created on the platform.

In celebration of this occasion, Hiber is releasing 130 more items and assets to create with, as well as 10 new environmental skyboxes. The massive asset drop today includes many classic building pieces that have been retired, but are now back with improved graphics.

“The road to the first million games really began to take shape when we released touch creation on mobile devices in October 2019,” said Mattias Johansson, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Hiber AB. “Since then, we have seen everything grow month over month and the community is constantly asking for more things with which to build. Today we are releasing what we like to call “The Lost Assets” which includes many retired assets that we have used to create with, over the past few years, and we know the community is going to go wild.”

The Hiber platform enables anyone to create their own games, interactive 3D experiences and virtual worlds without the need to code. Users can start creating in seconds and publish their creations in just minutes, enabling them to use games and interactive 3D as a new form of self-expression. Wrapped with social features including chat, comments, likes and followers, Hiber is starting to attract the next wave of creators and influencers as they realize Hiber offers a unique opportunity to interact with fans and followers in meaningful ways. Check out Hiber via web browsers at:

For more information on the assets and environments available today, check out the blog post at:

About Hiber AB
Founded in 2017 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hiber has created a gaming and entertainment platform where people can play and create on their mobile devices and PCs. With thousands of games created each day, there is always something new to play. For more information, please visit: or check out the company’s social media channels: YouTubeInstagram, and Discord.


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