Galactic Rangers VR in Oculus Store

DGMA is an indie game studio that aims to revise simple yet immersive arcades in VR.
If you have a craving for this nostalgic arcade feel, DGMA devs got you covered. Their Galactic Rangers VR is a wave based scrolling shooter where you race through a spectacular space battle on a rad speed platform holding a multi-purpose gun in each hand. Waves of enemies hurtle towards you and you have to dauntlessly demolish them or repel their attacks.

All the levels have their own visual environment and develop in different ways to boost up that typical wave-based format and makes the game feel much more alive.  Each level is a unique fragment of a whole story that beautifully unfolds in front of you as you progress through the game. It strikes your imagination and makes every level special.

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Immerse yourself  in the spectacle and the grandeur of mesmerizing space views but don’t get too distracted by the scenic scale – ruthless cyber pirates, huge asteroids and controlled droids are eager to take you down.

For decades Galactic Rangers were providing the Universe with peace and security protecting the galaxy from any threats. But recent years brought myriads of space invaders attacks. Intergalactic cyber pirates swarm into space and want nothing but to seize the galaxy’s strategic resources. Now rangers have to patrol and guard neighbouring galaxies borders to prevent an intrusion and save human worlds.

The game will appeal to different players, from beginners to experienced hardcore gamers. Although first it may seem like Galactic Rangers VR is the simplest shooter for a fun pastime, wait until you increase your difficulty mode. There are no checkpoints or save game options so you can’t save & load a game. If your ranger is dead you have to start a level all over – the game has an “easy to learn hard to master” kind of approach.  As a beginner you will get used to the game as quickly as possible, but then you’ll have to persistently work on improving your skills. It may take up to 20 hours for an average player to win the game’s “hard” mode, that’s how difficult it might get. But there’s a huge chance that you’ll want to put your gear back on and play Galactic Rangers VR over and over again. This game can really challenge even skilled players. 
Enjoy co-op mode with your online friends or defend your home galaxy hurtling through space on your own. Wide range of weapon modes, useful perks, power shields and bonuses will help you vanquish those cybernetic miscreants and save the Universe!


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