Board the Babel, where the future fuses with the past…

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Starry Starry Games is proud to announce that two episodes of their afterlife adventure puzzler – A Guidebook of Babel – will be released as a demo via Steam to coincide with the participation in this year’s edition of Digital Dragons’ Indie Celebration!

A Guidebook of Babel is a story-rich, adventure point-and-click set on the Babel, an arcane vessel whose role is to guide the souls of the newly-deceased to the afterlife. Stranded in this place in-between, players can only complete the Guidebook using the butterfly effect, the key game mechanism that moves the story further after each puzzle is solved. Told in multiple perspectives, the Guidebook spotlights several protagonists charting their own paths… yet there is more to it than meets the eye. Follow your instincts to scramble through clues and past storylines to unravel the truth about the Babel.

Demo Highlights
The demo is centered around one of the main protagonists, Braith, who awakens on board the Babel, alone and disoriented. Having an inkling of what the Babel really is, Braith sets to find his beloved daughter, who should be on board with him. Meet other passengers and staff of the Babel and help Braith explore this eerie world, understand its time-defying laws, and find his lost daughter in this two-part introduction to the game.

Participation in Digital Dragon’s Indie Celebration 2021

A Guidebook of Babel was selected among over 250 entries to be presented during the Indie Celebration week by Digital Dragons. The playable demo will be available on Steam throughout the competition.
Indie Celebration is a new event, hosted for the first time in 2020 to allow independent game makers and small studios from all over the world to showcase their works in spite of the pandemic that saw so many conventions and conferences cancelled. As its name suggests, it is first and foremost a forum for the industry to celebrate the diversity of the independent scene in video games.

A Guidebook of Babel is currently available for wishlist on Steam at:

Press kit can be accessed here.


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