Sombor, Serbia –  Run and jump through a new adventure, explore the world, collect coins and face enemies old and new in the sequel to the 2016 indie small bean Goblin and Coins.
 Second game in the series will have a playtest on Steam from 15th to 30th of May, and anyone interested in seeing the current alpha build, playing and reporting feedback is welcome to click “request access” under the Playtest section of the store page.
 Playtest is a new feature of Steam and it’s completely free to participate.
 Goblin and Coins II is a 2D pixel art platformer being developed by a solo-developer, focused on bringing features gamers requested after playing the first game, but still trying not to distance the atmosphere from the predecessor too much.
What to expect in this stage of development?

  • Five levels that can be played multiple times 
  • Quarter of the world map 
  • Trader interface for purchasing upgrades (in-game coins, no mtx of any kind!) 
  •  Five upgrades (2 available for purchase, 1 already working automatically) which provide replayability to the levels, enabling access to additional areas
  • A secret “underground” level accessible only under certain dire conditions 
  • Some “fan service” with the returning enemies and small details from the first game 
  • English and Windows build only for now, with Linux/SteamOS and other languages planned for the final version later.


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Steam store page:
Steam developer page:
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