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Germany – May 10, 2021 – NGDEV, the indie game developer announces today that the NEOGEO SHMUP/2D shooting game Razion EX is going to be available for the Nintendo Switch as Physical Edition on May 15th 2021 The Physical Edition will be available as Standard Edition and Limited Edition. The LE contains a fantastic 16 bit style soundtrack, several postcards and stickers – this edition is strongly limited to #1500 pieces.

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RAZION EX is a horizontal 16 bit CGI shooting game.

The score system is based on growing gold cubes and using the beam

It has 3 game modes (NOVICE/NORMAL/MANIAC).

Novice mode is significantly easier and will allow more people to enjoy the great graphics and music.


6 stages with varied settings

6 huge end bosses

7 sub bosses

3 game modes

Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics

Horizontal shooting game

60 fps

Changes for EX version:

– reworked game play

– re-balanced and reduced difficulty

– added bullet cancelling for certain enemies

– reworked controls and ship movements

– upgraded graphics and added 32 bit effects

– upgraded to widescreen

– added scanline filter

– slightly reworked levels

– reworked scoring mechanics

– unlock-able continues

– added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses

– added small ending

– CD quality music


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