The best-selling first edition of Farm Manager from 2018 returns with another new edition three years later. Farm Manager 2021 will be available for purchase on Steam today. Get ready for hours of addictive gameplay!

The first edition of the game created an incredibly large community around the production that motivated us to create Farm Manager 2021. In the new edition, we have completely modified the farm management system to be intuitive and as optimal as possible. We listen to our community and we want to meet the expectations of players from the previous part of Farm Manager 2018. We have added new tasks, animals, special buildings and a lot of interesting crops. I am convinced that Farm Manager 2021 will provide many hours of great entertainment for fans of economic strategies and more. ” – said Rafał Szymański, CEO of Cleversan Software.

In Farm Manager 2021 you will play the role of a farm manager to face many challenges. Buy new land with abandoned buildings and machines, clean up the land, and expand your farm, by taking care of the size and quality of crops as well as of animal health, motivate employees, and increase machinery and factory efficiency. Meet the new, more intuitive interface that will allow you to manage your employees more efficiently and spot the most important events on the farm.Check the Farm Manager 2021 on Steam
Download Press Pack (ENG and PL)

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About Cleversan SoftwareCleversan Software is a Polish computer game developer specializing in strategic and economic games for the PC. Cleversan Software is a creator of the Farm Manager series which you can find on the Steam platform.


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