Awaken The Time is now out of Steam Early Access! Available on Steam

Awaken The Time a third-person time travel 3D adventure game set in a Matrix-like world where players travel across time. Enjoy this unique story based on 5 different time zones with an RPG feel.One entity different bodies, different time zones, one storyline but different background stories in different time zones.Has 3 gameplay styles in one game.
single player

The main future of this game is time travel in a simulation world. Awaken The Time is set in 5 different time zones, each time zone having its unique futures.

In the first act, it’s a maze where you play as a samurai gifted with magical powers. The entire map it’s a huge puzzle. The main character has multiple fighting abilities he can wield a two-handed sword, a sword with a shield he can also wield the bow like a true archer but the main dish being the magical abilities like soul blast (similar to fireball spell), explosion blast (similar to a magical bomb), an electric tornado and the healing spell. Another future that this level has besides countless enemy types is various traps that you can use to your advantage by luring the enemies into the traps. There is an inventory system for managing your stuff.

The third act has a lot of futures. Firstly you are a post-apocalyptic survivor that will have to search for weapons. The weapons and munitions being one of the characters’ futures he fastcondary he can use a pistol or an SMG. And thirdly he can’t fight with his fists and lIgs or with a knife. There is a quick kill if the player is close enough to the enemy he can use a quick kill move. Another future is a special post-apocalyptic car that has 3 types of offensive weapons: a machine gun, a rocket lancer, and the electromagnetic field blast. The car is bulletproof, has nitro and you can also use the electromagnetic field to make the car jump helping you getting out of stickie situations. You will use all this to defend yourself against 3 types of enemies: The slow zombies, the cyber zombies, and author survivors that will attack you without hesitation. There is an inventory system for your weapons.

In the fourth act, you find yourself lost on an island where there is no life except the plants you go into a bunker and you find the special suit, this suit is the main future of this act. The suit has will amplify your physical abilities, allowing you to jump higher, on this map you find upgrades for this suit, these upgrades will give you the ability to: become invisible move faster, slow time, stop time, reverse time, she can teleport, dash and she can recall. The difference between reverse time and recall is, when you reverse time you stay in place and you reverse everything around you and when you recall you reverse time for you as well. Using these abilities you will have to avoid the cameras and robots that are guarding somebody you will try to help, this will be full stealth where you won’t kill anything or anyone. There is also a section like a 3D platformer where you will have to go through a sewer system.

In the final act of the game you come out of a pod as the god you are and the room lights up where you can see all the characters you played and many more. Here you find out that all those are simulations of your past lives when you were a human.Trying to figure out what happened you create another simulation and you will be betrayed by your AI and another entity that wants you trapped because he can’t kill you.Leaving an opening like that allows me to make a sequel.

How much time does takes to complete the game?
If you take the faste route it will take you up to 6 hours,including the fact that you will know all the maps .If you play for the first time it will take you at least double the time.

Will be there a physical release ?
There will be a special collectors edition if requested .


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