April 30, 2021 -- RocketWerkz is opening up development of its upcoming survival game Icarus by publishing a weekly Making of Icarus YouTube series at www.youtube.com/surviveicarus/For the past 18 months a videographer has been embedded in the studio filming early game development, design decisions and team meetings to provide a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a AAA PC survival video game

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 RocketWerkz CEO Dean Hall is keen to embrace open development with the game’s community via the Making of Icarus videos, Discord and Steam communities. “One of the strengths of the DayZ mod was the community involvement in the process, giving feedback in real time and creating a product that was crafted by its players. I wanted to capture this again with Icarus. The ability to be upfront, transparent and raw with the community is what creates trust between us and them and builds a better game,” says Hall.The first episode talks about the challenge of Icarus' simultaneously sci-fi yet primitive survival setting, rejected early concept art and shows the game's first internal milestone, Woodcutting Simulator, which focussed on getting the feel of core survival game mechanics right.Future episodes cover world building, tech trees, playtesting, balancing a session-based gameloop and how the New Zealand-based studio handled covid-19 lockdowns.The Making of Icarus will be published weekly at www.youtube.com/surviveicarus/ and players can join the discussion with our Community Manager and developers on Discord and Steam at www.surviveicarus.comAbout RocketWerkzAfter the global success of influential survival game DayZ, Dean Hall returned to his native New Zealand. RocketWerkz opened its first studio in Dunedin, a university city in the south of New Zealand, in early 2015.In September 2019 RocketWerkz opened a studio on the waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, to focus on next-gen AAA survival game Icarus. By March 2021 over 65 people were working on Icarus across both studios. Media ResourcesWatch The Making of Icarus Episode 1 - Woodcutting Simulator on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZyd1e51YMo


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