The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the tabletop sequel to the indie hit Reventure is now live!

Indie studio Pixelatto summons all heroes, villains, wizards, and all kinds of fantasy creatures to a mighty new adventure: collect the four magic orbs in Reventure: Orbtale to have your greatest wish granted!
Reventure: Orbtale Kickstarter campaign goes live today at 6 pm CEST / 9 am PT!
Orbtale is the sequel to the acclaimed indie hit Reventure, the game with 100 endings – reimagined as a tabletop game with a brand new art style with cartoonish vector graphics. 
The wacky adventures, shameless humor, and fast-paced, full-of-surprises action that are the soul of Reventure stay the same, though – expect lightning-fast fun with up to 4 friends in the Reventure universe!

The funding goal of the campaign is $20,000, with a basic pledge of $24 to get a physical copy of the game and the “Dragon’s Loot” booster pack: all Kickstarter-exclusive unlocked cards. The campaign is mostly geared toward social stretch goals with some already revealed and many others to be revealed in future campaign updates.
The first one has already been achieved: reaching 1,000 Kickstarter followers in the pre-release page in under a month, which unlocked a new KS-exclusive character, The Chicken Horde.

Also, a new one has been revealed at the same time: if the funding goal is reached within the first 48 hours, a new exclusive character will join Orbtale: The Legend!


  • A simultaneous turn-based system, which eliminates waiting times between turns.
  • An easy “rock-paper-scissors” combat mechanic to ease the learning curve.
  • Automatic resurrection mechanics so no one is left out of the game.
  • Fast-paced and frantic playthroughs that last approximately 30 minutes.
  • Made with Card Creator, a card creation software developed by Pixelatto.

In Orbtale, you play as a hero set on a quest to gather the 4 legendary orbs, which legend says grant a wish to whoever can bring them together. There is a total of 12 unique heroes to choose from, each with a unique ability; and throughout your adventure, you’ll find more than 40 weapons and magical artifacts to face your opponents.
The optional Adventurer’s Delight expansion, adds 48 new cards to the game and new chapters mechanic that generates random situations every turn, adding even more replayability and depth to the game.


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